[Đăng ngày: 28/01/2019]
Untitled Document Ho Chi Minh City-based commercial lender HDBank registered very upbeat business results in 2018 with strong growth across the board......
[Đăng ngày: 02/01/2019]
Untitled Document HDBank was honored with "Vietnam Gold Star 2018" for its outstanding business achievements and great contributions to society and community........
[Đăng ngày: 02/01/2019]
Untitled Document HDBank and Sao Mai Group Joint Stock Company (An Giang) entered into a cooperation agreement for development of Sao Mai Solar Power Plant project........
[Đăng ngày: 02/01/2019]
Untitled Document In Ho Chi Minh City HDBank and Japanese Financial Institution entered into a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement........
[Đăng ngày: 02/01/2019]
Untitled Document a lucky drawing ceremony was held by HDBank An Giang to find out the winners of lucky prizes under the savings promotion program "Small Savings - Winning SH Motorbike"........
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