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Throughout the development process, besides the endless efforts to reach the great strength, HDBank has always maintained and promoted the tradition of mutual affection of the nation. This was clearly expressed through the activities of joining hands to serve the community development.

Annually, HDBank spends billions of VND on social charitable activities, for the local and international community, such as the construction of houses of gratitude, patronage of Vietnamese heroic mothers, eye surgery for poor blind people all over the country, scholarships for poor studious students, sponsorship for cultural and artistic movements ......

HDBank always goes with young fishermen getting to the open sea

Besides the frequent companionship with domestic and international charities to support the disadvantaged, HDBank is also a pioneer for all clients, employees and the whole community in social charitable activities such as: Savings deposit at HDBank contributes to donate health insurance books to the poor; HDBank employees regularly contribute their salaries to help the flood victims in the Central Region, physically and mentally support the young fishermen getting to the open sea, send "spring incense" from the mainland to the island to naval soldiers and support the victims of the Japanese tsunami disaster... HDBank's local branches often carry out activities to support the community.

Giving gifts to naval soldiers

HDBank also organizes the annually HDBank International Chess Tournament, contributing to the improvement of professional qualification as well as the organization of the tournament in Vietnam, attracting the interest of the domestic and foreign players and fans across the country. HDBank International Chess Tournament has resonated in the international and regional sports, giving Vietnamese players the chance to be in contact with and show their talents to friends around the world.

HDBank organizes the annually HDBank International Chess Tournament

Social charitable activities have become a beautiful feature in HDBank's cultural tradition and are increasingly promoted and encouraged in each employee and strongly supported by shareholders & executives. The contribution from HDBank's charitable activities for the community will increasingly illuminate the flame of love, arouse the kindness that is tradition of every Vietnamese. This tradition will continue to be maintained and promoted throughout the development of HDBank, as the premise for the development of HDBank in the coming time, bringing HDBank more and more firmly on the way towards the goal of becoming one of the leading commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam.

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