To become a leading financial group with a COMMERCIAL BANK among TOP BANKS IN VIETNAM as the core business, which offers superior products and customer service through an international network, operational excellence and a brand name our clients are proud to be associated with.


Towards customers
HDBank is committed to delivering the highest value to our customers by providing innovative full-packaged financial solutions to meet their diverse and changing needs base on customer insights.

Towards employees
HDBank will create a professional, exciting and rewarding work environment where our people can learn, innovate and share to develop successful careers.

Towards partners
HDBank is committed to maximising value for our shareholders and partners through robust and sustainable growth, effective governance and rigorous risk management..


CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY: HDBank always places customers at the centre in all operations of the Bank and endeavors to exceed their expectations;

CONSISTENT LEADERSHIP – FLEXIBLE ACTIONS: We have a clear sense of our goals and are consistent in pursuing them. We are proactive and flexible in our actions to accomplish these goals;
EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION: We continuously learn, innovate and improve ourselves to achieve operational excellence and excel at customer service;

PROFESSIONALISM AND TEAMWORK: We work and behave professionally. We share and cooperate amicably with our colleagues and partners based on mutual trust and respect;

INTEGRITY AND RESPONSIBILITY: We are trustworthy and honest. We are bold in our approach to taking initiative and responsibility.

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Corporate Banking

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