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On Feb 22nd 2012, with the distinguished presence of Mr. Dang Tat Thang - Vice President of Vietnam chess Federation, Mr. Mai Ba Hung - Deputy Director of Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of Ho Chi Minh city, HDBank's Representatives and GM Le QuangLiem, the exchange - tournament with GM Le QuangLiem and Press conference as regards "HDBank International Open Chess Tournament 2012” has taken place successfully at HDBank's Head Office.

"HDBank  International open chess tournament 2012"  Press Conference

Under the approval of Sport General Department and aiming at develop Vietnam Chess, contributing to make more chances for Vietnam chess players to compete with International chess players, Vietnam Chess Federation and Ho Chi Minh chess Federation altogether organize "HDBank International Open chess tournament 2012". With HDBank's enthusiastic sponsor, this Open tournament is becoming the most resounding international chess tournament ever hosted annually in Vietnam.
"HDBank International Open chess tournament 2012" has new breakthroughs in terms of quality, the number of chess players, following strictly international standard which altogether promise highly  professional level  and attract 17 GM,WGM (Grand Master); 20 IM,WIM (International Master) to participate such as Le Quang Liem, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, Dao Thien Hai, Tu Hoang Thong...and some other top players such as: Ni Hua (China), Sukandar Irine Kharisma (Indonesia), Gopal Geetha Narayanan (India), Gagunashvili Merab (Georgia)…

GM Le QuangLiem - at Press conference

This year, the prize is also more attractive than ever before with USD10.000 for the champion. In fact, Organizing committee distributes 20 prizes for Men, 3 additional prizes for Women and 1 prize for the youngest chess player.
Up to now, this tournament has mostly attracted nearly 100 players, including about 50 Vietnam chess players and 40 foreign chess players coming from: Australia, China, Egypt, England, Georgia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine. The Swiss system of 9 rounds will be applied from March 2nd to 7th, 2012. Information is frequently updated at:

As of 2011, thanks to HDBank’s cooperation, the tournament has been improved more and more professionally, contributing to enhance the level and increase the number of worldwide players which results in alluring many concerns of chess experts, players and chess fans in all over the world as well as affirming Vietnam intellectual sport position in international playground” said Mr. Mai Ba Hung - Deputy Director  of Culture, Sports and Tourism Department of Ho Chi Minh city/ Head of Organizing Committee.

Mr. Mai Ba Hung - at the Press Conference

As to prepare for “HDBank Open Chess Tournament 2012”, GM Le QuangLiem has planned to play simultaneously with 20 chess fans.

GM Le QuangLiem is playing with 20 chess fans

Final results:
+ The winner: n/a
+ Draw game: Vo Tuan Anh ( 28 years old)
+ The best game: Nguyen Ngoc Son Ha (11 years old)
+ Impressive chess players: Bui Van Chuong (71 years old)
+ Potential chess players: Nguyen Dang Hong Phuc( 12 years old)

Awards: Draw game, impressive game, the best game, potential player (right to left)

Besides, people over here are all received many beautiful souvenirs from HDBank.

HDBank always appears to be committed to customers’ returns and community and aware great concerns on human concept to push creativity and getting-advance spirit. Through the annual HDBank Open Chess, HDBank greatly hopes to contribute to speed up chess movement, promote intellectual capabilities of Vietnamese, sharing the vision of general development and integration of Vietnam.

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